Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Knowing where you stand

Simply put, personal injury law refers to when you are harmed by the negligence of another individual or entity. Were you injured in a car accident? Did you slip and fall on a wet floor at a business? You may have a personal injury case.

At VSSF we understand this and take the time to thoroughly analyze your situation. What initially appears to be a simple car accident can lead to medical malpractice, wrongful death, and even claims against the government for negligence.

Taking on the insurance companies

Perhaps the largest challenge when facing a personal injury case, however, is dealing with the insurance companies. Have they denied your claim? Bullied you into taking a smaller settlement? You need an experience attorney on your side to help you not only take on the insurance companies, but also to help you recover lost wages and compensate you for your pain and suffering.

As a personal injury victim you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, and VSSF is here to help. We’ve handled numerous high-profile personal injury cases including a successful class action against a major Washington State insurer. In prosecuting this class action, VSSF helped protect more than 5,000 Washington State consumers. In the end, the insurer agreed to both compensate members of the class and to discontinue the practices that caused the class action suit to begin with.

Our promise to put your well-being first

If we don’t win your case, we will never charge you. It’s your assurance that we’re on your team, fighting for your best interests. This type of contingency is a risk for our firm, but it’s the type of risk we’re willing to take to fight for what’s best for our clients.

Put VSSF to work for you

If you are facing a personal injury issue and would like legal counsel please feel free to contact us. Your first question is always free.  We’ll then evaluate your situation and make recommendations for your best next steps.