CPS Liability Lawyer (Old)

Van Siclen Stocks Firkins (VSF) has handled many high-profile cases against the government, including local governments and the State of Washington. Most frequently we have filed lawsuits against CPS because it has failed to protect children who are then sexually abused by either biological parents or a foster parent. Some of the higher profile cases have included the Zina Linnik and the Wenatchee Witch Hunt cases.

In addition, we’ve successfully represented clients against the Department of Corrections and local governments like the City of Lakewood.

Through aggressive and detailed investigations, we were able to not only expose significant government misconduct and negligence, but even the public disciplining of a city’s Chief of Police. It’s this dedication and passion for achieving the best outcome possible for our clients that sets our firm apart.

If you feel like you have been a victim of the government overstepping their authority, please contact us. Your first question is always free. We’ll evaluate your situation and make recommendations for your next step.

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