Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Van Siclen Stocks & Firkins is only as successful as its entire team. We are where we are today due to a tremendously competent and efficient workforce. From top to bottom, we are very proud of our legal team.

When signing on as a client, you became a fundamental part of this team and can rest easy once your legal problems are placed in the hands of Puget Sound’s top paralegals and support staff. Our professionals place high priority on client’s needs, provide first-rate customer service, and have a firm dedication to getting your legal work done correctly and without delay.

Meet our team below:

Jennifer Hamblen
Lead Paralegal & Bookkeeper

As a paralegal with the firm since 2000, Jennifer primarily works on cases in the area of complex civil litigation, trials, medical malpractice, and personal injury. She is often teamed with and works with Mr. Van Siclen. Jen H. is also responsible for many other office tasks, including all bookkeeping, collections, and office management.

For questions, call 253-859-8899 or email:

Diana Butler
Lead Paralegal

Diana was recruited by VSSF in the mid-1990s. She primarily works on cases in the areas of complex civil litigation, jury trials, teacher cases, criminal defense, personal injury, and products liability. She has worked with most attorneys in the firm, but primarily with Mr. Firkins. Diana dedicated 15+ years as the lead paralegal on the now infamous Wenatchee Sex Ring tragedy.

Contact Diana at:

Toni Miller

Toni Miller is an experienced litigation paralegal and VSSF was fortunate to add her to the team. She primarily works with attorneys in employment law, civil rights, complex civil litigation, personal injury, and probate as well as other areas of the law. Toni is a member of WSPA (Washington State Paralegal Association) and has been for over 30 years.

Contact Toni at:

Angela Holm
Personal Injury Paralegal

Angela excels in the areas of personal injury and litigation. Clients have described her as having a peaceful, pleasant personality, which helps during stressful and trying times. She stands out at settling cases early, but also has outstanding skills when cases occasionally go to trial.

Angela can be emailed at:

Diane M. Hickman
Family Law and Litigation Paralegal

Diane is an exceptional paralegal with many years of experience. She is compassionate about her clients and highly capable with the resolution of our cases.

Contact Diane at:

Shelly Taylor
Family Law Paralegal


Shelly is an experienced paralegal, working primarily on cases involving separation, divorce, custody, child support, and all family law matters. She is known for her sympathetic ear and her ability to make clients feel better about their cases. She excels under pressure and is a highly productive member of the family law team.


Shelly can be emailed at:


Mary Lemons
Front Desk and Reception


Mary Lemons is the first person most of our clients see when they walk through the front door. She is a well-versed with handling incoming stressful calls and appointments, handling the most nerve-racking questions. She does so with a calm, congenial, and bright demeanor. People often tell us that they can always count on Mary to cheer up their day.


Email Mary now to schedule an appointment:


Angelina Pishchenko
Family Law Paralegal

Angelina is the 5th family member recruited out of the Pishchenko family. Since joining the firm, she has been our file clerk and client relations ambassador.  After being mentored by her big sister–JenT–Angelina is now supporting the family law team!

Angelina can be reached at: