Lawyer Tips: Avoid the 5 Most Common Car Accidents

Washington State had a total of 81,144 car accidents last year. While 70% of them didn’t result in any apparent injuries, the accidents themselves cost a lot of money and emotional pain. If you are deemed the “at-fault” driver in a car accident and previously had an accident-free record, then your insurance premium could increase by an average of 48%.

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How To Have an Effective Co-Parenting Relationship

These days, co-parenting is more common than you might think. In the US, over half of all families are recoupled or remarried, meaning that there are millions of co-parenting teams successfully raising their children all over the country, despite doing so from separate households. If you and your partner have recently separated and you’re worried about how to navigate this

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Are Parenting Plans Affected By New Covid restrictions?

 Lawyers get asked this all the time.  It is a good question.  In Washington, Governor Inslee has again proclaimed various rules and guidelines, and parents who exchange children are reacting.  Here is the general, correct answer in Washington is four words:  “follow your parenting plan.”  Seems simple enough, right?  Well, it actually depends on exact circumstances.  We start with the

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What You Need to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

Crash!  The sound of 2 vehicles smashing together.  Screech!  The sound of braking before a collision.  No one sets off on a journey expecting to be in a car accident. But no matter how careful we are on the roads, accidents do happen. In fact, in the US there are 6 million car accidents each year.  Here are some immediate

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Elder Abuse Increasing During Covid: What You Can Do

A shocking one in six older adults experience some form of abuse in the community. Financial abuse alone has cost older adults billions through exploitation. Heart-breakingly, the level of elder abuse is increasing due to covid-19 restrictions. It’s now more important than ever to understand elder abuse and look at what we can do as a community to put a

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Uncontested Divorce in Washington State: The Complete Guide

No one gets married with plans to get divorced. But when two people are facing irreconcilable differences, divorce is often the best option, even though the process can be difficult and emotional. But if you and your spouse are still on good terms and you believe you could reach agreements without the need for the courts, an uncontested divorce can

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Why You Should Update Your Will (Frequently)

When did you last think about updating your Last Will & Testament (“Will”)? Once you’ve written a Will it’s easy to forget about it, even if you’ve gone through significant life changes since then. But if your Will isn’t up to date, you risk major contention and stress for your loved ones when you pass away. That’s why it’s incredibly

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August is the most dangerous month to drive

By Tyler K. Firkins, Partner at VSSF August is always a super busy travel month, but this year, it is going to be even more busy (and dangerous) because people have been deferring their plans and the country is re-opening.  There will be mad dashes to get a good spot at the camping or RV parks, people have saved up

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New In Town?

How to find a new lawyer when you move to a new community Whether you have moved across the state or across the country, you will want to familiarize yourself with local law firms and potentially choose a lawyer to work with, should you need one. Most likely, a Google search for “Lawyer Near Me” will yield an overwhelming number

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When to file for divorce during COVID-19

Should I file now or wait? By Deborah Gordon, Senior Associate Many have recently asked VSSF lawyers about the best time to file for their impending separation and/or divorce – now or wait until after the pandemic? There is a mistaken belief that our courthouses are closed (or partially closed) and that divorce cases are not moving forward, so the

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