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Can your lawyers help you with more than your current legal issue?  Do lawyers have special access to coronavirus (COVID-19) updates that clients perhaps do not have immediately access to?  Yes and Yes.

At Van Siclen, Stocks & Firkins (VSSF), we can help you, our clients, with the specific legal issues that you have brought into our office and for those of you who made the decision to share your special, unique confidential facts with us relating to a current legal issue or struggle, whether a divorce, a car accident, a last will and testament, or a neighbor or business dispute.  While we are focused on these specific cases, we realize that our clients become trusted — in both directions — for issues outside the case you retained our office for.   We have always shared resources and guidance that we have with our client base, and likewise, in return, we have received guidance from our clients.

During this stressful crisis, we all have been inundated with news, and then more news, and then some more updates on what is going on (more news!).  It is so sad to find out that we are losing friends, family, loved ones, neighbors, and especially our elderly.  It is also sad to hear about the impact in the various negative ways that this pandemic has had on people – unemployment, closing businesses, letting employees go, evictions, facing monthly bills, loss of health care, dwindling or loss of benefits and retirement.   That is certainly a short list of negatives and I will stop there because we know that our community will step up, positively, and support our clients, even beyond a legal case.

So, with that said, we want you to know that VSSF is here for you.  VSSF lawyers receive daily, by the minute updates and guidelines, ranging from the courthouses, political offices, local bar associations, state and national bar associations, lawyer groups, government officials, banks, CPAs, financial advisors, real estate agents and loan officers, business contacts, and more.  Lawyers are uniquely available to receive a lot of information because of our subscriptions to various sources and the dues we pay to keep our standing in several bar memberships.  Most importantly, we are experienced at reading the various incoming laws, orders, proclamations, Congressional ACTS, Government statements and even the evening (and daily) news, such that we can quickly assimilate the material.  With 8 lawyers at VSSF, we estimate that with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our incoming email traffic is about 1,000 per day combined (15-20x more than normal) from these sources on specific topics that may relate to you.  We have tried to keep up with it all and quickly gather the information so that it can be interpreted, summarizes, or perhaps, put into a step-by-step guideline and then published to you.

We, of course, recognize that the situation is always changing and advice is fluid, so we welcome you to do a couple of things: follow our vansiclen.com posts, follow our facebook links, and/or (d) email VSSF directly at info@vansiclen.com on any specific topic requesting any of the various answers we might already have.  If we do not have it, then we will find a lawyer who can help.

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