Van Siclen Stocks Firkins is only as successful as its entire team. We are where we are today due to a tremendously competent and efficient workforce. From top to bottom, we are very proud of our legal team.

When signing on as a client, you become a fundamental part of this team and can rest easy once your legal problems are placed in the hands of Puget Sound’s top paralegals and support staff. Our professionals place high priority on client’s needs, provide first-rate customer service, and have a firm dedication to getting your legal work done correctly and without delay.

Meet our team below:

Diana Butler
Lead Paralegal

Diana was recruited by VSF in the mid-1990s. She primarily works on cases in the areas of complex civil litigation, jury trials, teacher cases, criminal defense, personal injury, and products liability. She has worked with most attorneys in the firm, but primarily with Mr. Firkins. Diana dedicated 15+ years as the lead paralegal on the now infamous Wenatchee Sex Ring tragedy.

Contact Diana at:

Jenna Ferrell
Lead Civil Litigation Paralegal

Jenna is a graduate of the University of Washington with a B.A. in Pre-law and earned her ABA Paralegal Certification from TCC. She is a veteran with 10 yrs of service in the United States Air Force. She primarily works in personal injury, but enjoys every aspect of civil litigation and excels in customer service. Jenna is an avid Huskies fan.

Contact Jenna at:

Peter Henning

Peter Henning
General Litigation Paralegal

Peter is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound with a degree in International Political Economics. He works primarily in civil litigation as a paralegal, but also has provided excellent service to our family law clients. Additionally, he has worked as a paralegal both in Washington, and his home state of Maine. Peter has excellent writing skills and is well-liked by his clients and peers.

Peter can be reached at:

Kristi Wong

Kristie Wong
Family Law Paralegal

Kristie is a graduate from the University of Washington with a degree in sociology. She currently works in family law, but she has worked as a paralegal in both Washington and New York in civil law. Kristie is a team player and is very patient when it comes to helping her clients. In her off time, Kristie enjoys playing fetch with her tabby cat, Maeby.

Kristie can be reached at:

Kylie Hicks

Kylie  Hicks
Family Law Paralegal

Kylie is college graduate from BYU Idaho with a BA and studied law at Concordia Law School. She has worked as a paralegal in Idaho while she attended school. She works with attorneys in family law as well as assisting with estate planning matters. She enjoys working with her clients and has a love for family law that shows.  She brings laughter and joy to our firm.

Kylie can be reached at:

Sky Park, Paralegal

Sky Park

Sky is another Husky who graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Law, Societies, and Justice and earned his ABA Paralegal Certification from Edmonds Community College. He worked as a personal injury paralegal for the last 10 years, primarily dealing with automobile collision-related injuries.  He enjoys helping clients through what can be a difficult time after a car accident with injuries.

Sky can be reached at:

Melanie Hebel

Melanie Hebel

Melanie is our legal receptionist. She strives to make sure that your first interaction with our firm is a great experience. Melanie loves helping people and making sure that she gets all of our potential new client’s setup with one of our amazing attorneys. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and listening to music.

Melanie can be reached at:

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