Criminal Defense Lawyers

criminal defense lawyerFacing criminal charges can make the future seem dark and hopeless. Our job is to help you move forward.

We know that the best criminal defense is an aggressive offense and our attorneys thrive on zealously defending those accused of crimes, with unmatched results achieving “not guilty” jury verdicts.

Letting your case play out without the right lawyer on your side can backfire. We provide the diligent representation you want with the sensible options you need to put an allegation behind you and maintain your record, integrity, and reputation.

Our success in criminal defense reaches back many years with a long list of acquittals. Because of this, prosecutors know our reputation and may create more options for plea bargains, dismissals or reduced charges.

If you are facing criminal charges, you need legal counsel. Please feel free to contact us. Your first question is free and we’ll evaluate your situation and make recommendations for your best next steps.

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