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Balancing the emotional with the legal to find the best scenario

family lawThe traditional family unit is changing. Now we address, legally, new categories with new labels, as well as typical family law matters: married with no children, married with kids, unmarried with kids, grandparents seeking full custody of grandchildren, domestic partnerships, absent or missing biological parents, step and non-biological parents, etc. With all of these changes, having one of the area’s best family law firms on your side is critical to finding solutions that satisfy both the emotional and legal sides of these issues.

Family law covers the parenting of children including custody, child support, and visitation schedules. It also includes divorces, legal separations and division of property. While none of these cases are easy, they don’t always have to be heated battles. For every difficult case, there are many more amicable, friendly divorces and custody arrangements.

Parental rights

Sometimes it’s not a spouse or significant other that interferes with your rights as a parent. Many times it is Child Protective Services (CPS) who intervenes. Whether or not the interference is justified depends upon your case, but many investigations into the private lives of parents and children can be more distressing than helpful.

Both mothers and fathers have rights in their relationships with their children, and especially within a divorce or custody battle, these rights can get tested. It’s an emotional roller coaster that will change your life no matter what the outcome.

Reaching the best solution

Every family dynamic has its own unique needs both emotionally and legally. That’s why our family law attorneys are a unique breed. We have extensive experience managing and handling both the friendly and not-so-friendly custody and property battles all while focusing on the compassion and protection you need and deserve.

At VSF we take the most practical approach to help you. We want you to understand the process ahead, where we need to start and just how long it can take. You need to know where you’re heading, and it’s our job to get you there in the best position possible.

Put VSF Family Law Lawyers to work for you

If you are facing a family law issue and would like legal counsel please feel free to contact us. Your first question is always free and we’ll evaluate your situation and make recommendations for your best next steps.

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