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We have been taking on the Department of Health and Social Services (DSHS) and Child Protective Services (CPS) for families and abused children for years. Our attorneys have helped make new law increasing the ability of children and families to get justice. Our services have helped children and their families get the help they need after CPS has failed them.

CPS is charged with protecting children and preserving families. Its failures through the years have been well documented. From leaving children in abusive homes so that they can continue to be abused, to removing children from non-abusive home, CPS has systematically failed to protect children. In many cases, CPS’ failures have led to generations of abuse. Worse still, CPS hides its negligent conduct by failing to provide abused children with access to lawyers who will protect them while they are in care. Only after the children have emerged from foster care can they pursue justice, but often they are too damaged to even know that they can pursue justice.

For more than two decades we have been taking on DSHS and the social workers charged with helping children and families. Beginning in the 1990s are firm represented numerous families caught up in the now notorious Wenatchee Sex Ring cases. Parents and their children were needlessly separated, with numerous parents wrongfully incarcerated. With the assistance of media outlets, our firm led the charge to change laws to protect children and families, while at the same time obtaining significant verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Over the decades we have also represented countless children who have suffered abuse and been ignored by CPS and its social workers despite numerous calls for help. We have tenaciously fought for these forgotten children, using the foremost national experts to not only prosecute CPS, but also to obtain the help the children need in overcoming the abuse.

Frequently children lost in the foster care system lose important educational opportunities as they are shuttled from one foster placement to the next. Our firm has innovated legal claims on behalf of foster children denied permanent placements, equal access to education, and basic care. We have helped restore a semblance of stability for these children. We have also pursued claims on their behalf yielding significant recoveries.

If you know of a child in need, please contact us to discuss the situation. We can help.

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