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Washington State Divorce Or Legal Separation

divorce lawyersA couple usually finds getting married not only fun and exciting but easy to do. Most believe marriage will be easy.  However, relationships can be a lot of hard work. When the turmoil reaches a certain level, people just want out. When it comes to getting a divorce in Washington, it can be friendly or nasty. Divorce in Washington State can be costly and time-consuming. Although the minimum waiting period for a Washington divorce is 90 days, it usually takes around 6 months to a year, depending on the county the divorce takes place and the complexity of the issues in the case.

It is extremely crucial to seek advice from an experienced and professional divorce lawyer. A bad decision, in the beginning, can affect the whole divorce process and lead to an undesirable result. You want to be careful and consult a knowledgeable divorce lawyer.

Washington Family Law

A divorce is not simply just signing a paper. Preparation is important in a Washington divorce. We can assist with all matters relating to divorce, including:

  •         Child custody and parenting plans
  •         Child and College Support
  •         Spousal Support
  •         Post-divorce issues and modifications
  •         Restraining Orders

Since Washington is a community property state, most property and debts will be divided fairly and equitably (often 50/50).  However, there are some exceptions in Washington law that may allow flexibilities in assets division and debts allocation. If you are unfamiliar with the law, we suggest you contact a Washington family law lawyer.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

There are two types of divorces – contested and uncontested. Here are the differences:

Contested Divorce: It is one where the parties cannot mutually agree on all aspects of a divorce, regardless of the divorce itself or the terms of the divorce. In this case, the final outcome is usually resolved in mediation and if not there, then the decisions are left for a trial judge to decide.

Uncontested Divorce: It is the divorce where both parties have reached an agreement on every single aspect of the divorce. No further settlement or court action will need to be taken for assets division or child support, for example, except putting the agreed terms down on legal papers and pleadings.

To reach the best outcome of your divorce, at VSSF, we take our time to understand your concern and will present you with various feasible options to help you make the most informed decisions. If you decided to take it to court, we will strive to do our best to be prepared and fight for you.

A Divorce Lawyer Who Listens

At VSSF, we are dedicated to helping you find the best legal solutions to get your life back on track. Each divorce case is different and specific, and we want to provide personal help that will cost you the least money and have minimal unnecessary fights. In the initial consultation, our divorce lawyers will carefully listen to your unique divorce situation and walk you through different approaches and options, without ignoring that this is an emotional time for you.

The bottom line is this: the divorce process is never easy; although we can make it so that you ease through the process with less turmoil.  Having an experienced attorney helps make sure it ends as well as it possibly can, and the process is as painless as it can be. If you are thinking about a divorce, or in a divorce, contact us today to have your rights and options protected.

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