employment lawEmployment law includes cases involving all types of discrimination, age, race, disability and sexual orientation and it may also include retaliation for whistle-blowing, breach of an employment contract or even wrongful termination.

Van Siclen Stocks Firkins has been a class-leading innovator in pursuing claims on behalf of our clients. We have fought all the way to the Supreme Court on behalf of our clients in several landmark decisions, including Vinson v. Federal Way School District, Sedlacek v. Hillis, Rodrigues v. Perez, and Carson v. Fine.

If you believe you have an employment law issue, you need VSSF on your side, whether it is a complex discrimination case or a simple review of a separation agreement. Please contact us today. Your first question is always free and we’ll work with you to evaluate your situation and make recommendations for your next step.

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