Esther Warkov Featured on JWA

In “Combating Sexual harassment and assault in schools” the Jewish Women’s Archive interviews SSAIS Co-Founder Esther Warkov about rampant Title IX violations in K-12 schools. She relates her experience as a parent who successfully held a school district accountable to Title IX and subsequently created new educational resources to help other families. When asked why schools continue to violate Title IX while parents remain in the dark, she said: “Parents don’t hear about this epidemic because it’s underreported by students who believe that sexual harassment—and even forms of sexual assault—are normal and must be endured. When students do report assault or harassment, schools often focus on protecting their reputation; they downplay the report, blame the victim, or worse. Schools also fail to collect data as required. Few parents know that schools have a responsibility to address the impact of off-campus sexual harassment and assault in a student’s education.”

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