Most Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Divorce Lawyer

You should prepare for your meeting with any lawyer.  We recommend that you write questions (and overall topics) ahead of time, so you do not forget them in the meeting.  You should ask questions about experience, about how your case will be handled (including options available to you), and about fees.  These are the top 3 areas to inquire about.  I respect potential clients who are organized and have prepared questions for me. At VSSF, we will give you honest, straight-forward answers because this is an important time in your life.

  • Questions about Experience:  How many divorce cases have you handled?  How many of those were settled out of court?  Do you know my spouse or my spouse’s attorney?  Do you believe it is better to negotiate in mediation or go to trial?
  • Questions about How Your Case Will Be Handled:  Will you or another lawyer in your firm be handling my case?  Are you available via phone, email, text, or other methods?  Do you currently have a heavy caseload/will you have time to devote to my case?  Will I receive copies of documents filed with the court?
  • Questions about Fees:  What is your retainer (aka “advance fee deposit”) fee?  What is your hourly billing rate?  Will I be sent itemized billing invoices?  How much does your firm charge for copies of documents?

Choosing the right divorce lawyer is very important.  Although the process can be intimidating, at VSSF, we seek to have you leave less anxious and fully informed.  We want to know your goals and and to discuss how we can achieve them.  If you ever have follow-up questions, you are invited to email or call us. Don’t be afraid to ask a question twice or seek clarification.

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