Divorce Under Quarantine

Are you at home and wondering about your life and your relationship to your spouse?  Is your marriage in turmoil?  Has there always been some doubts lingering?  Yes, you can file your legal case (legal separation, divorce, custody matter) while in quarantine.  Filing is all done electronically.  As people find themselves on lock-down (or shelter-in) rules, they start to assess the things and people around them; they can’t run away from or ignore issues, especially when it comes to relationships.  You are not alone.  There has been a spike in divorces in countries forced to implement strict rules related to the spreading of coronavirus (COVID-19), many of these divorces are linked to government mandated “stay at home” rules. 

The current extraordinary circumstances with coronavirus has many people wondering about the future, and whether it is too late to do some of the things we have always wanted to do.  These circumstances may also cause introspection and evaluation of current relationships, especially with spouses. Many people file for divorce when there are areas of stress outside the relationship coming into play.  The earlier paperwork is filed, the earlier both spouses can begin a fresh start.  Not all divorces and separations are negative and they can lead to positive results.  While in a quarantine or shelter-in order with your significant other, you might start to think about old projects you have always wanted to consider.  Perhaps a divorce is for you, perhaps it is not.  Regardless, speaking to an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer is a must.

Our lawyers are trained to focus on your goals and your well-being, giving options that most have never heard of.  With a four lawyers and a combined 50 years of family law experience, we are here to listen and provide advice.

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